My 3-5 day weight and cardio routine

I try and go to the gym at least 5 days out of the week, but sometimes I only get 3-4 days.  Something is better than nothing so get out there and go.  It also helps if you have a work out buddy.  If you only get 3 of these days try and make it the lifting days.  Building muscle will help you burn fat all day long.  Also if you have to you can do the weights on back to back days.

3 day weight routine –

Monday – Chest and Triceps

Tuesday – Run or some form of cardio

Wed. – Back and Biceps

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Shoulders and Abs (you could do legs also, but I choose not to due to the amount of cardio I want to do)

Saturday – Cardio and Abs if you did not do that on Friday

Sunday – Day off or cardio (depends on how hard you want to push it)

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