Omega Sports Ultima V3 Citrus Dew 40 Servings

Omega Sports Ultima V3 Citrus Dew 40 Servings

Omega Sports Ultima V3 Citrus Dew 40 Servings

  • No “fairy dust” amounts of effective ingredients in a shotgun, kitchen sink blend of whatever is cheapest that month to change from batch to batch. Too many times proprietary blends are not used to protect a secret formula, but rather to shield you from seeing that most of not all of the ingredients are severely under-dosed!
  • Full-disclosure on every single ingredient. With ULTIMATM you know exactly what you are getting in every dose. Start asking why this is not the norm.
  • Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, CISSN of Zone Halo Research, LLC is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Biochemistry. Play time is over.
  • ULTIMATM utilizes only ingredients that have overwhelming research behind them or their components. ULTIMATM also utilizes only the specific forms of ingredients based on research and only in the dosing scheme supported by documentation.
  • Only pure, pharmaceutical-grade, GMP certified, fully tested ingredients. The results are consistent every time. The quality is there every time.

ULTIMATM Codename: Thunder V.3 is a product that almost didn’t see the light of day.

Research, testing, supplies, quality control standards, regulations, and sheer costs almost forced this “labor of love” out of reality and in to an imaginary bin for great concepts that never came to fruition.


The “beta” was an underground phenomenon to the limited few that got their hands on it…many buying 6-12 units at a time. The beta was nothing short of groundbreaking, but limited supp

List Price: $ 99.99


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