Suunto M5 Running Pack – Men’s All Black, One Size

Suunto M5 Running Pack – Men’s All Black, One Size

Suunto M5 Running Pack - Men's All Black, One Size

  • Track speed and distance while running (with Suunto Foot POD Mini). Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, compatible with most gym cardio equipment and Suunto Fitness Solution
  • Daily exercise instructions with ideal duration and intensity. Automatically adapting exercise program for the next 7 days
  • Real-time intensity guidance during workout. Recovery time recommendation after exercise. Motivational feedback messages
  • Upload exercise data to with Suunto Movestick. Download any training program from with Suunto Movestick
  • Includes Suunto M5, Suunto Foot POD Mini, Suunto Movestick, and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt.

Whether you’re looking to train for an upcoming race, improve your overall fitness, or jettison a few pounds for beach season, the Suunto M5 Running Pack is your ticket to cardio success. This finely-tuned training kit comes with a Suunto M5 Wrist Top Computer, the Suunto Dual Comfort Monitor Belt to track your heart rate, and a Foot POD Mini that tracks your speed and distance. Also included is the Suunto Movestick, which allows you to transfer your workout data to your computer for a clearer v

List Price: $ 275.00

Price: $ 175.00

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